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Executive Stress

Work is getting you down; you feel stressed and burned out by the end of the day. Your relationships are suffering. You find yourself spending more and more time on your laptop each night. You are drinking more than you used to. You wake up at 2am, anxious about the presentation you must give today...


Low Self Esteem


Your friends tell you how attractive you are. You date and yet somehow you can’t help thinking you’re not good enough, pretty enough, confident enough.

If a date doesn’t go well you think it’s your fault even though you try telling yourself it isn’t. Sometimes you cry yourself to sleep wishing you were different…?




Your partner tells you how much he loves you, your relationship is good and yet, sometimes you feel so jealous.

At a party you follow his movements, you see him talking to an attractive woman, is he talking about you? Is he planning to leave you for her? You both argue in the car on the way home, you end up crying, he ends up sleeping on the sofa…?.

Are You ...

  • Anxious but don’t know why?
  • Jealous and hate the feeling?
  • Depressed for reasons you don’t understand?
  • Suffering with sexual or relationship problems?
  • Experiencing mood swings that ruin your day?
  • Having obsessive thoughts or compulsions that rule your life?
  • The victim of domestic violence and abuse?
  • Being brought down by lack of self-esteem?
If you answer Yes to one or more of the above

Why not take the first step on your path to freedom? Confidential therapy sessions with me, face to face, by telephone or online can help you to break out of the prison of unwanted behaviours, thoughts and worries and discover new ways of moving forward. Why not take that first step?

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