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Sessions last for one hour and daytime and evening appointments are available Monday to Friday at my home in Northway, Tewkesbury, Glos. and Saturday mornings by arrangement. I also offer telephone and online therapy sessions ..

Session fees are £35 for individuals and £45 for couples, payable in cash either in advance of or at the start of the session. Family groups are charged at £60 per hourly session. Fee reduction may be negotiated by students or individuals on benefit (evidence of same is required).

Telephone sessions are £35 for one hour, payable in advance by cash or cheque.

A one hour session online using Windows Live Messenger or email is £35, both payable in advance by cash or cheque.

There is a charge of £35 if you miss or cancel a session which reflects the fact that diary appointments are booked in advance and therefore, also, my time. If possible, I will offer you an alternative appointment in the same week.

For further information or to make an appointment please contact me:

Email : intomindspsychotherapy@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 01684 297096 or Mobile: 07706 890196


Therapy is confidential. Sometimes you may wish to let someone else know that you are having therapy, but that is up to you. There are occasionally reasons to consider whether to involve other people, such as a GP, but that is something that would be discussed with you first. As part of good practice, I am required to have some supervision of my work. My supervisor is not told the full name of anyone that I see, nor given any other personal details that might identify you.

Ending Therapy

Therapy does of course end at some point, and this is an important part of it. Most of us have experienced losses in our lives, and usually we have no control over them. Often we don't get the chance to reflect, comment, or share our feelings either. In therapy you will be given time to do this, and to think about the meaning of both the therapy and its ending. Sometimes feelings about earlier losses come into this. Usually the longer that you have been having therapy, the longer the wind-down period you may need. Sometimes this feels difficult, and there's a temptation to avoid having an ending. However, even if you have only had a few sessions, it's probably going to be more helpful for you to arrange an ending in advance rather than end suddenly.

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